Table of Contents

Bad resumes come in many flavors. And we didn't overlook wacky job search emails either. Here's the actual table of contents page from Resumes from Hell. View book (PDF) version of Table of Contents

Introduction: What Makes Bad Resumes Funny? 7
Hobbies and Other Strange Pursuits 11
TMI (Too Much Information) 15
"Actually, I'm Not As Qualified As You Think I Am" 23
Questionable References 27
Problematic Public Personas 29
Careful with That "Send" Button: Know Your Technology 31
Yeah, But How Do You Really Feel? 39
Blown Away By My Own Abilities 41
Computer-Philes for the Circular File 49
Cover Letters: Generally Bad, Weird 55
Disgruntled Creators 63
Let Me Be a Little More Specific 65
Language Gaffes 71
Informal Banter 77
Sounding Off: Voice Mails from Hell 83
The Odd Self-Sell 87
Makin' Friends with Recruiters 93
Silly Skills 99
If You Don't Ask, I Will: The Self-Questionnaire 103
Warriors and Alpha Dogs 107
Sloganeers 113
Politics, Religion, and Other Inappropriate Subjects 115
Hostile Email Interactions 119
Resume Haters 125
Buyer Beware 127
Job Orders from Hell: Recruiters Gone Wild 129
Pardon My Racism 135
Odd Jobs and Telling Titles 137
Let Me Impress You with My Little Black Book 139
When Words Won't Do: Graphics from Hell 141
Maybe You Should Quit Your Day Job 149