Book Illustrations by Rusty Johnson

Rusty Johnson's illustrations are a highlight of Resumes from Hell. A long-time illustrator and wood carver, Rusty came up with images that brought our bad resumes to life. There are more than twenty of Rusty's illustrations in Resumes from Hell - here are five of our favorites:

About Rusty Johnson

see Rusty Johnson's bio with caricature (140K PDF)

If you don't want to open the PDF, here's the text version of Rusty's bio:

Rusty and Jon Reed have known each other since 1980 when they were matched in the Big Brother/Little Brother program of Tulsa, Oklahoma (Rusty was the Big Brother). He is a university degreed "commercial artist," but his favored work was in the cartooning area, until six years ago, when he seriously embraced woodcarving. When one of his co-workers suggested that his woodcarving looked like his cartooning, he felt that he had achieved artistic "oneness." Rusty can be reached via email at if you want to talk about cartoons, both two- and three-dimensional, or view his award-winning carvings. And yes, most of his carved figures have only three fingers.

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