Reviews of Resumes from Hell

October 10, 2004: Independent Publisher

"Frustrated about today’s shrinking job market? Having trouble finding a job that even requires submitting a resume (and doesn’t require sporting a colorful uniform)? Finding a good job requires education, experience, and a really good resume that stands out above the competition… That is, unless you’re up against those who wrote the 'Resumes from Hell' featured in this book of the same name, in which the authors expose hundreds of the most awkward, over-the-top, and downright hilarious resumes ever written. Reading them will help you improve your own resume, and it will give you hope. Just don’t do what these people did! Whether they listed too many hobbies, made frightening political or religious statements, or simply gave 'too much information,' these writers bare their souls in hopes of landing a job.

"With previous experience such as 'perishable manager' and 'fanny pack designer,' or qualifications like 'specializing in the impossible,' 'Have Passport & Don’t Use Tobacco or Firearms,' and 'Enjoy Dim Sum, Chai and other good things in life,' you really wish you could sit in on their job interviews. My favorite chapter is 'Graphics from Hell,' featuring undecipherable charts, cheesy icons and clip art that some misguided souls used to spruce up their resumes. As professional job recruiters, the authors have seen it all, and their comments and examples prove unequivocally that poetry, spirituality, ranting, bragging, and sloganeering have no place in your resume. This book proves that what you DON’T say is often as important as what you do say."

- Jim Barnes, Editor

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