Resumes from Hell is a book unlike any other. As you can see, our book index is a little bit different also.

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6 Ga-zillion Questions59
Accomplishments: None23
All of a Sudden the Internet Comes Along81
Applicants Who Are Over 6' Tall17, 108
Applicants Who Are Sorry34, 73, 120, 124
Applicants Who Are Not Sorry113, 123
Applicants Who Are Waiting67, 83
Applicants Who Cry16, 64
Applicants Who Don't Smoke52, 78, 114
Bad News for Your Commission86
Balloon Animals11
Beer, Beaches, Barbeque, and Babes30
Below Scale Compensation?39
Bill Bixby140
Blow My Skirt Up85
Boring Work77
Bruised Ego107
Bungee Jumping11
Burger Availability Status80
Can't Say More Just Yet79
Charleston Chews?149
Closest Thing I Have to a Baby79
Completely Useless120
Crabby Bitch34
Custard Recipe35
Debonairres and Damsels140
Dirty Dozen Team of Misfits110
Dress Codes (Superfluous and Dishonest)117
Driven to Excellent71
Dukes of Hazzard149
e-Business Pie103
Eyeballs Literally Fell Out73
Failed Tests24, 25, 26, 82
Fine Print Galore86
Finely-Calibrated BS Meter102
Flying in the Face of All Reason44
Friction Between Me and Upper Management64
Furious Contracting Officer111
Gary Busey140
Geniuses44, 45, 47, 88, 133
Get a Beer and Alka Seltzer35
Get My Shit Together34
Hideous Rumours20
Hire Me Hire Me Hire Me151
I Am ArchiTecture29
I Am in Disguise82
I Am Really Fascinated by You74
I Don't Mind Jumping Jobs74
I Lost Control40
I Was Actually Asleep33
I Was Fired20
I'll Beat You107
I'll Not Be Respecting This Agreement127
I'll Tell You Who You Are114
I'm Stuffed83
I'm Worse Off Than Ever Before26
Jail Time90
Learned What Big Really Means21
Less Gifted Teammates107, 111
Light Mole on the Neck17
Lovely Human Being116
Loyal Beyond Stupidity92
Lyle Alzado139, 140
Mannequin-Filled Automobiles137
Mediocrity Is Rewarded91
Molasses42, 131
My Family Have Pretty Much Given Up20
My Lunacy30
My Mother18, 20, 28
Nameless Plebe63
National Wild Turkey Federation12, 131
No Degree or Proof Thereof25, 58, 87, 90
Normally, I Am Quite Professional124
Obviously I Was Very Wrong120
Oh Well!48, 124
Possible Legal Issues46
Proceed at Your Own Risk21
Psychotic High School Bullies39
Pusher of the Envelope113
Qualification Means Nothing?125
Rural Anglos135
Sam and the Dog?35
Screwed By64
Screwed Over39, 91
Single Heterosexual Male22
Something Lacking in My Resume125
Sorry That It Is in French73
Steam-Powered Bicycles11
Stop the Bleeding46
The President Then Took Me Aside109
These People Are Slime27
This Work Wasn't Finished23
Tickets to "Jenny Jones"38
Tit Bits71
Tough Homicide Detectives99
Type Objective Here32
Unpreventable Emergency41
Various Activities with My Girlfriend13
Verbal Karate99
Walk on Water47
Wealthiest Families in Puerto Rico140
Wellington State Mental Hospital18
What Are You So Annoyed About?123
Wilson G. $immons30
Worker Bees Only129
You Are Not Advertising for That25
You Do Not Recognize Talent121
You're Gonna Hear from Me41
You're Just Saying That to Impress Me33
You're Not Alive49