Tales of a Disgruntled Graduate: A View from the Front Lines of the Post-College Job Hunt

Blog Introduction: Three Foreign Languages, Zero Jobs

Nearly a year has gone by since graduation. Ten months, one week and two days, to be exact. Already, I’ve had six different jobs and received thousands of rejection letters (ok, hundreds), which isn’t bad, considering I graduated with no marketable job skills to speak of. Sure, I wrote about them in my cover letters, but who are we kidding? A liberal arts degree just doesn’t compare to the preferred one to three years’ experience in the workforce. Which leaves me wondering…

How does a recent graduate get a job, anyway?

I know three languages, but none of them have to do with computers. I can write literary essays, socio-historical commentaries and music analyses, but I’ve never sent a fax before. I can take notes on a lecture like nobody’s business, but I’ve never managed the schedule for a busy top exec. I may not have the direct experience employers are looking for, but my references are good, and I’m still convinced my degree proves I’m trainable. At least as trainable as one of those little yappy dogs – and I promise not to make as much noise.

Although I have yet to find a definitive answer to my question, over the course of various job searches I’ve encountered all manner of obstacles, from vague job descriptions to toppling interview questions. I’ve been saddened, enraged, and sometimes even amused by these dilemmas and decided they were too good to keep to myself.

The entries that follow are my frustrations, successes, and musings on the job front. Whether you’re a recent graduate yourself, a passer-by to this website, or a curious onlooker with a salary and health insurance (what a life!), I hope you enjoy reading. If it helps you, great. If it makes you laugh, even better. Looking back, that’s about all I can do.

Plus, for the moment, I have a job. I’m laughing like a little yappy dog and wagging my stubby, imaginary tail.

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