Classic Resume Screw-Ups

  1. Bad-mouthing former employers (e.g. "these people are scum.")
  2. Professing love of Jesus Christ or any other religious figures.
  3. Describing a previous work experience as "orgasmic."
  4. Listing dead references (or listing your mother as a reference).
  5. Listing the address of every place you've lived since birth.
  6. Emphasizing failed test scores and incomplete projects.
  7. Referring to yourself as a "nameless plebe."
  8. Condemning the managers who failed to see the "beauty" of your creative designs.
  9. Describing yourself as "towering" over your non-Mensa co-workers. 
  10. Listing your hobbies, especially if they include "an active social life."

No, we're not making this stuff up. You'll soon see for yourself in our upcoming book Resumes from Hell.

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